Needing new clothes – and an apology

Never start on an enterprise that requires new clothes.

Last weekend I was told of the death (in a really nasty way) of the person I suspect was first to introduce me to the topic of the theme. I remember long discussions, my version being that “Of course you may need new clothes” and his “you NEVER need new clothes for something you try out”. I remember the laughter when I pushed him into a swimming pool to prove that not every outfit was appropriate for every activity.

After hearing about his death, I somehow just couldn’t go NEAR to my blog for days and days. All odd sub-consc


ious stuff, as I almost had my blog post planned in my head. So here it is, almost in time for the next weekend’s theme.

What an old stuck-in-the mud Thoreau must have been! His poor wife. No new clothes for parties, holidays etc.

What started me on the train of thought that brought about the theme was Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking sky-dive recently. It would have been impossible without his special pressurised suit.


Well done Felix, in your new clothes

29 thoughts on “Needing new clothes – and an apology

  1. Last week I wrote ‘Inspired, provoked and awakened’ regarding your theme weekend. Seems like you had a friend who, inspired, provoked and awakened you. You made things connect, an expressed something personal -simply an to the point.

  2. Sorry about your loss, Sidey.

    “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” ~ Thoreau

    BTW: I don’t think Thoreau ever married . . .

  3. Sorry about the death but can’t help being curious as to whether IT was unpleasant or the way you were told was?
    If Felix’s ‘chute hadn’t opened, he would have had a long time in which to say, ‘Oh, sh….!’ and other such utterances.

      1. Thinks to myself, but wouldn’t dare say out loud -’bout bloody well time’ an thought with theee worst english accent you could imagine-you were missed.

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