Yesterday, having a most delicious lunch, we unwillingly overheard a loud conversation from the adjacent table. To be more correct, we heard one woman, the rest were reasonably pitched so that they were background noise rather than the assault her comments were.

They had obviously been away somewhere and she was telling the other couple about it. The problem was she went on and on, not about something different and interesting, but about the fact “they” didn’t have PROPER raincoats, food, etc etc.

Obviously ‘they’ provided what they could locally, but as this was not what madame expected, they were at fault.

I am always amazed by those who think the whole world must adhere to what THEY think is right, not what others do or believe.

Opening one’s mind to other possibilities is part of keeping oneself youthful. I wonder if she realised all she sounded like was a querulous old woman, and not someone interesting.

Talking of doing something different, imaging traveling faster than sound, without a plane or metallic capsule around you. Yesterday Felix B did just that. I do suspect she would have thought it wasn’t proper.

22 thoughts on “Proper

  1. We sometimes get people like THAT – wish I could tell them what to do but I’m constantly reminded to behave myself, Oh nuts and bolts.

      1. Or crack open their skulls with a dull object – why am I thinking rolling pin but I don’t have one – would a marble mortar and pestle work?

          1. Def not use it for cooking afterwards – would ruin the flavour of just about anything, unless blood is your thing? (twinkle-twinkle-sparkle)

  2. I love eavesdropping on conversations in public places . . . some people can’t seem to open their mouth without sticking their foot in it! 😀

  3. ‘the whole world must adhere to what THEY think is right’ -ah, they have’em there as well. Those with the golden blinders, where the world revolves around them, where hissy fits are common occurances. I was raised rough and ready, that less is more, don’t judge someone till you walked in there shoes and not to sweat the little things-plain old meat and potatoes codex.

  4. It sounds like something my mother would have said….she’s been gone 7 years next week and her comments still ring in my head….☺ And, she could have been sober to say that.
    Proper was everything to her, and she didn’t care who she told or who heard her all her 92 years. I learned at an early age, if “Frankly…” started a sentence to batten down the hatches, I was in for an opinion that probably I was at fault for something improper !
    Thanks for the post.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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