Weekend theme – 5 October 2012

Friday – theme – oh yes, I decided on one theme on Wednesday, another last night, and now I can’t remember either of them. Getting older has its disadvantages.

So now I have to start at the beginning again. Thinking, thinking, blank, blank.

I’m in a coffee shop, supposedly working and waiting for friends to join me for coffee. They are bringing me some irises, I have some bushes in puts for them – the type that are cuttings that are really taking well. The essence of gardeners is sharing. I’m dividing these, would you like some. I have cuttings I can root for you, would you like them. And on we go, sharing and enjoying those that survive.

That’s it – the theme for this weekend

“Those that survive”

How to play along. Create your post, using the theme in whatever way it inspires you. Then come back here and leave a message with a link to your post. (This is so that people on other platforms can play along as well.) If you only want to read and leave comments, come back over the weekend, see who has left links and off you go.

The rules are simple – Have fun.


62 thoughts on “Weekend theme – 5 October 2012

      1. Am I THAT obvious? *there there my HUGE afro wig, we won;t let spidey take you away – not this time, anyway…*

      1. Hehe okay okay, I deserve that! Now where’s the smelling salts? Hmmm, don’t think we have any – how about some ammonia? That’s potent stuff!

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