Wednesday morning musings

I wonder what the lure of the super hero really is. After all we also love the anti-hero. The flawed human being who somehow muddles through, winning some and (unlike the super heroes) losing some.

Watching that quirky film “Salmon fishing in the Yemen” last night I was wondering about this. A man, definitely intelligent, but with a rather stunted human-interaction capability. Yet your heart goes out to him as he tries.

Super heroes? Maybe we like them because they offer us a chance to imagine how it would be if we weren’t human, flawed and trying hard.

Yet in more recent times we have made the superheroes flawed, weaknesses, quirks. I guess we find that even more intriguing; someone who like us isn’t perfect but who can achieve GREAT things?

27 thoughts on “Wednesday morning musings

  1. The heroes we allow our children these days are maybe detrimental to their development , although I never thought of this guy as a hero per se in this particular movie. Maybe I should read the book.
    (I watched the Korean war last night and those are the men that are the real heroes.)

  2. I suppose who you see as a hero is a very subjective thing.
    Personally, I would want my super hero to be super. Don’t want him to be quite as flawed as I am.
    As for everyday heroes – the are just people that achieve greatness through courage and perseverance – and that we can all aspire to.

  3. I have not seen that movie yet but it is on my list. Society likes to put people on pedestals and then topple them. Truth is we all have our faults especially those who are blessed with genius abilities.

  4. I recently wondered about the yearning after super heroes, but it was after seeing the Avengers. Over the ages, we’ve always wanted to think there was someone who could fly in and get us out of trouble. But you’re right, we also want to believe in the flawed, non-super heroes, who are more like us and can somehow muddle through and win the day.

  5. I like the human side of superheroes, Sideview, the lives they lead as well as doing their heroics, and their interactions with others. I also like their magical side as well, and their jaw-dropping abilities that most of us would never be able to do. If we can be half as super just by living the human side of their lives, then that’s OK… and the magic will then appear in different ways. That’s how I see it!

  6. Actually, I think that it is showing one of the sicknesses of modern society that we like even our superheroes to be flawed, and our idols often tend to be seriously failed human beings. At the same time we desperately search for dirt to dish on the people who are truly admirable.
    I think we could use some of the late-Victorian naive idealism.

  7. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a multi-faceted gem of a film . . . with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore . . . as well as chinks in the armor to ponder.

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