Blue? Last week it was colours! Are you MAD?

Apparently so.

Where to start today? Google seemed a kickoff point with variety. I spent ages reading the wikipedia blue. All the technical details of the colour blue, how we represent it in red blue green codes for printing colour. The war of the blue dye, woad, indigo, synthetics. How blue paints, glass, ceramics have evolved. What a fascinating time I had. But that doesn’t get my post written.

One little piece caught my eye. Blue cats. The man in the street calls them grey. But there are subtle differences in blue cats, the grey is a different hue.

The blue is a ‘dilute’ of black in the cat colouring. It is so distinctive that using the colour in the name for the cat variety almost implies a separate breed. The British Blue is a cat that conforms (more or less) to the defined standard for the British Shorthair, and can trace its genetic heritage through its pedigree. Similarly the RussianBlue.

My blue cat came about apparently by accident.

I had been reading the books by Peter Gethers about Norton, his blue Scottish Fold cat. Quite an amazing character was Norton. I gave a copy to a friend who was at that stage breeding Abyssinian and Somali cats. Some time later I went to visit a rather excited friend (the same one) only to discover she had imported a Scottish Fold queen, for breeding purposes.

TheScottish Fold cats all descend from Rosie who was discovered in a farmyard in Scotland. Oddly though the British Cat Fancy did not recognise them and allow them to be shown, so it was up tothe rest of the world to evolve them further. With their folded ears they have ” cute” appeal as they appear more humanoid in expression.

Her cat was a blue and white bi-colour. White with large patches of blue. I loved her, but as I most love the tabby look I didn’t think I would want one of her babies.

A few years later two weeks after my so beloved old tabby had died, she phoned me to say “your kitten has been born”. I was nowhere near ready in my head or heart for a replacement. I went to see the kittens and he stole my heart. Like a little blue teddybear. And he was a longhaired tabby. Definitely BLUE. As my young Somali was pining for the old cat, I decided to take the kitten. What a sweetie. His full registered name was PT Teddy MacCatt. PT standing for puddy tat. And as my old tabby had been Thomas a’Catt he had to follow in the tradition.

He and the Somali bonded from day 1. While she rudely rejected the advances of appropriate stud cats, she succumbed to him when he was very young, producing more folded ear cats. He was a great father with his kittens, but never took the same interest in later litters after he had been neutered, as he was bought to be a much loved pet and not as a stud.

I had 11 years of my blue boy. There is still a gap in my heart that his passing left me.

These are not pictures of my blue boy, but other longhaired blue scottish folds from the web.




38 thoughts on “Blue

  1. The sad thing about pets is that they’re rarely with us long enough.

    Lovely post, Sidey. I did wonder about your theme of BLUE so soon after COLOURS. 😉

  2. Even Elvira is officially registered as a Blue and Black English Cocker Spaniel but to me the layperson she is just grey and black.

    1. Absolutely. You would so have enjoyed playing with him. In the evening he would bleat until I produced the stick with string and a toy on the end so he could dance on the tiles to play with it

          1. That’s the cool thing about cats – they will let you know when you’re hot stuff or yesterday’s trash! Fickle things. Have I told you recently that I am hooked on cats, lol 🙂

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