Men’s secret romantic desires?

A fascinating discussion yesterday. Why do I get involved in these things – oh yes I’m interested in people and how they think.

The movie under discussion was the one about the book written by a man to tell women what to do to get the man to propose/commit.

First you have to understand that the chaps at the video shop and I have a friendly relationship. They even recommend some stuff that is a bit off the beaten track, and are right – I usually love it.

The movie concerns several relationships. The men are all basket-ball playing friends. The women – two know each other, but the others do not.

What amused me was the young chap at the video shop said the only ‘real’ relationship was between a woman (very young CEO – into fancy cars, fancy apartment and looking for a man who out-earns her and is therefore not threatened by her) and a young man who works in a restaurant as an assistant cook. If you want to know how they get together, see the movie. But what fascinated me was that this unlikely pair were the only ones he thought of as ‘real’.

The others were a chap (pretty much a dominated mummy’s boy) and a single mum. A ‘player’ who gets hooked on a woman who decided on a 90-day wait before sex, but who pushes getting to know each other and who ends up helping him get his music heard. A couple – together from college days, where he still wants to live like a student and she wants to move on to more ‘grown up’ lifestyle. A couple getting divorced (a real ding-dong relationship that one, but it seems to suit them).

As they all end up apparently happy in their parings I at first wondered why the young man at the shop insisted that the one was the only ‘real’ relationship.  Driving home, I thought more about it and realised he'[s in a pretty bottom-end job himself. Maybe he was projecting what he’d like, a wealthy (and beautiful/sexy) woman who loves him.

I think I may have been offered an insight into one young man’s romantic fantasy?


15 thoughts on “Men’s secret romantic desires?

  1. Here video stores are closing faster than book stores. So am not sure where you’ll fine your insight into the desires of young men in the future.

    Are you sure that’s what he meant.

    1. The video stores are battling, but as bandwidth is an issue here and the paid-for options on satellite tv are pretty costly, its either piracy or the rental store.

      It’s my surmise from the conversation as the only relationship he though of as ‘real’ is one he MAY be wishing for

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