I had started fiddling around with ideas, writing a scrap here and there. About how we react to colours, all those theories etc. Then I saw pictures posted by a friend and realised that this is what has to be today. Colleen’s colours of Africa.

So many think of Africa as thick green jungle, greenish-brown bush or dusty deserts. It is good to also remember Africa’s most beautiful flowers. The far South does Spring in spectacular colour and variety. So here are some, stolen from her most beautiful pictures.

Bands of colour
Red and each flower so delicate
Blue daisy type flowers
The tortoise seems to enjoy the yellow ones
Her hubby getting in close to the beauty all around

36 thoughts on “Colours

  1. Love your selection of pics, spidey! and yes, flower season on the west coast. note to self, take some pics for spidey – yes?

  2. How very lovely to pop in here and see these so proudly sitting on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing the photos sidey. And you are so much more than welcome. Big love and hugs, browniegirl xxx

  3. PS I have never seen the flowers more magnificent than they are this season. We had wonderful winter rains so the show is spectacular. The colors amazing, you don’t know where to look because you want to be able to look everywhere all at once so that you don’t miss anything! A trip worth doing! xx

  4. Green with envy here. Because of drought conditions this past summer we were robbed of the big sweeping landscapes of green for the most part, spring green is now just a distant memory to cling onto. But we have fall colour in the future. Then there is that other colour after fall colour, Snow White an her dwarfs.

    I suppose most who live as I, somewhere far away from the continent think in the ‘brown’ or ‘greenish brown’ when thinking of Africa. But I have always thought of it as colourful, well I knew it had to have colour -the colour in the textiles and designs a give away, not everyone believes what they read, unless they read and seen it here that is.

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