Weekend Theme

Friday, weekend theme. Thoughts that nag in the head, making me wonder how my subconscious filters stuff and things like that.

This week the theme is simple.


To play along; create your post using the theme. Leave a message here with a link so you can go and read the others.

The only rule is – have fun with it.


50 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

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          1. Sies! and you snuzzle your cats with that foul mouth! I meant your teeth not the fact that you role in body glitter, lol

              1. Oooooh that’s mean! If I had a heart I’m sure it would hurt. But for the record, I prefer Stoker-style vampires or Hammer Films ones, not these metrosexual wussies who glow in daylight. Er Caroline if you are reading this, no offense *I’m going to regret this comment*

                1. hehehe
                  I took out the first one on DVD and fell asleep watching it.
                  However I was lent the first two series of True Blood, and laughed the whole way through (soft porn with LOTS of red stuff)
                  Interview with a vampire was probably the best, and the Abraham Lincoln one was just a bit much

                  1. Ja I really miss the old garlic-cross-holy water movies, the books too. And what’s up with this new craze to rewrite classics into zombie books, i.e. Pride & Prejudice set in a Zombie Plague, stuff like that! Yes its quirky but get a life and write your own bloody book and stop piggy-backing on worth-reading classics!!! Okay I have to go set fire to something now…no, they won’t be books, no matter how bad they are…with the exception of The Hunchback and Note the Dame *shudder – can’t stand that book!*

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