Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela

I’ve been thinking about what actually is education. Is it passing exams, learning lots of facts, learning skills?

I suspect real education is about learning skills. First learning to read, write, to do basic arithmetic. Useful tools for what comes next.

Learning lots of facts can be useful if they give a framework for fitting in happenings, new discoveries or making sense of some reason for doing something.

But the skills that are important are to take all the facts, be able to sift through them for a purpose, use reasoning and logic to check assumptions or make decisions. To take in new information and allow it to influence one’s perception of the world and what one knew previously. To create an ‘open mind’ to be able to assess new information without allowing others to unduly influence ones thinking.

And then the biggest skill which I believe is proof of education, the ability to learn new skills, assimilate new information to produce these skills.

I suspect education, erudition and wisdom are different things. Subtly different and all important together.


37 thoughts on “Education

  1. True what you say! When they sit you down and bombard you with facts, they’re not going about it in the right way. When you said (I think when you stop learning, you start to die) I do believe you are spot on!

      1. That’s the fun part of it – if you didn’t learn any new stuff thing would be pretty much the same and going nowhere.

  2. Being somewhat older than when I first came out of university, I appreciate more the perception of education as the learning of skills. Back then all I wanted was to pass exams so I could get the hell out, and I went straight into the workforce to gain whatever skills I might require for my chosen career. Now, going back to university in a few weeks, I am relishing the chance to hone those skills already learned.

          1. Yeah okay so I suck and I even suck at doing that, lol. As for your strandwolf – I think I need a new fur coat for my cats? To go in undercover you see. Kitties, get the clippers, it’s time to shave some wolf *and I’ll end up being bitten, maybe get a case of rabies and then itch.*

  3. Good insights, Sidey. I so agree! If we instilled in students the DESIRE to learn, school would be a reward for them . . . and we would all have a win~win.

    I hope to start playing along this week. I’ve missed joining in the FUN!

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