weekend theme

It is Friday, although fairly early here and now. Therefore it is time for me to post the weekend theme.

This week it is quite simple.




As usual the way to join in is simple; create your post on the subject, then come back here and leave a comment with a link to your post in it.

And, as always, only one rule – have fun with it.

33 thoughts on “weekend theme

  1. I LOVE the posts by your other commenters! Excellent, excellent choice..

    Ah, education. But what is it?

    You know, I have become CONVINCED over the years that my son is born with a deep wisdom of his own. Now, THAT’S not education – so what do you call it…

    1. Wisdom is the ability to take what you have learned and experienced and make sense of the world and yourself

      I so enjoy reading everyone’s contributions, people are all so wonderfully different

      1. thanks – I have had such pleasure from it all – very fortunate in colleagues and friends and students who sometimes became colleagues or friends later

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