the 7 wonders of my world

The 7 wonders of my world. It sounded like a relatively easy challenge for someone who is always wondering (I apparently know very little). It proved to me that it is NOT the subject matter of the weekly themes that is the problem. That lies within me.


So here are my 7 wonders

1)      I wonder about LIFE, just life. How it begins, how persistent it is. The enormity of the event from such small beginnings to the birth of a child, an animal, a plant. How the tiny components know how to grow and divide, and to do the right things to become like the originators of that life.

2)      The size of stuff, and how the very big and very small fit together. The things you can see under a powerful microscope, and the immensity that can be seen through a space telescope. I wonder – upscale or downscale – are there limits?

3)      I wonder how humans can look at other humans they do not know, and on the basis of external characteristics decide to hate them.

4)      I wonder why when extremists (of any claimed religion) start spouting off; they always aim at controlling women.

5)      I wonder why when I try to put certain colours together I get the shudders, yet when plants flowering with the same colour mix are seen, they generally make me smile.

6)      I look at people whose sole ambition is power and money, and wonder why they don’t seem to have room rather for love and happiness.

7)      When I ask people these things sometimes they look blank, and then I wonder why.

51 thoughts on “the 7 wonders of my world

  1. Spidey, this is quite deep stuff you wrote, thank you. Obviously it blows whatever I had in mind out of the window! Numbers 3 and 4 gets me especially – stupid people!

                    1. Would you like an side order of fries with that? Or some extra salad of the garden? (Not entirely sure what’s in that but it could always be worse?)

  2. I see you also decided to do a verb on the wonder – but a bit more seriously!
    The reason for (4) is that such mean-souled little people have this massive and well-earned inferiority complex when it comes to women, and they are trying to compensate.

  3. Quite a philosophical list – if only we had the answers to your wonders, could we make the world a better place?

    I wonder how a government can bomb and kill their own people as in Libya and Syria. I can’t get my head around that violence and destruction at all.

  4. Number Six. I want to adopt, does it come in a child format.

    I would give up everything and I mean everything, if a fairy, with the wave of a wand made the ‘people whose sole ambition is power and money’ disappear and replace them with people whose soul is of love and happiness. As silly as a thought that maybe, am with you on this one.

  5. Oh yes, yes, great list – let us know when you find anything out. Re the ‘life’ there is a great book called The Spark of Life” written by Frances Ashcroft – science and history of science, so not for one sitting, but I think it is worth it.

  6. Seven very creditable wonders. Especially the colours one, that gets me every time. Nature is puzzling.

  7. You have a very inquiring mind, sidey. I find your 7 wonders very similar to stuff that goes round and round in my mind too. I also find it amazing how a bunch flowers of different brilliant colours just look so right together, but if I see a person wearing a mishmash of such colours, I wonder to myself,”What were you thinking?” 😉

  8. Good list, Sidey. LIFE is so amazing. The fact that we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell astonishes me at times.

    The idea that something as small as an ant can see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and move “rubber tree plants” is a marvel.

    The fact that humans get so caught up in the power and control game (including the subjugation of women) dismays me.

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