The key to his heart

It was a while after I became a Guardian Angel that I was finally given a really difficult person. He had been crotchety as a child, never really responding to people. Not for him the gurgles and smiles of babyhood. Not for him the trusting little hand, held while the child takes its first steps. He shrugged off hugs and help equally,

His babyhood Angel was relieved to pass him on. She sat with me, watching him sleep. “I just could never get him to react well” she said. ”I soothed his mind, and then he would make it blank. I tried to make him laugh with sunlight dancing through a prism, he just looked and wondered what was inside it. And when his sister was born he completely ignored the baby. Not nasty or mean, just disinterested. His mother now showers the girl with love and she is a truly happy baby.  I really feel somehow I have failed him. I do hope you can find a way to assist him to become happy.”

We hugged (not always as easy as one may think, wings do make hugging quite different from how it worked when I was human), and parted. She off to a pregnant woman, to start nurturing the baby in the womb.

I sat and watched him. A placid face, not one of anger. This was not a child of nastiness.

Next morning I watched as his father dressed him. His mother put out his breakfast. Then they all left together, the parents to take him to school. Those noisy city streets. He in the taxi, barely looking out. It was to be his first day at school.

They all walked in, he was introduced to his teacher. He looked at her unsmiling, he walked to the group of children and said hello – sort of in general. Then he stood and watched the other children. Not happy, not sad, not angry, just a little curious. The parents explained he was always rather distant with others, but did not make trouble.

The parents all left (except for the ones with the child who kept crying). That Angel just shrugged, “she wants them to feel bad about leaving here, she is accustomed to all the attention at home” he said quietly.

The teacher started telling a story. My boy sat and listened. When the teacher started telling of the farmyard, he sat up straighter. Then the teacher opened a cage and brought out a chicken. The boy stood up and walked to the teacher. He sat on the floor in front of her, and gently put out his hand and touched the chicken. He smiled. What a great smile!

He started asking her about the chicken. The chicken hopped off the woman’s lap and came clicking around the boy. He smiled and again touched the chicken; gently.

It took 3 months. The parents needed to get the idea into their heads.  Then a cousin had a birthday party, at a petting zoo. All thechildren running around, talking to the animals shouting, laughing. A few crying when an animal wouldn’t co-operate with their attempts to hold it.

The boy, all smiles came to his father, carrying a guinea pig. “Dad, please can he come home with me? I promise I will look after him.”

T took some family discussion, but eventually my boy ended up with 2 hamsters, 5 fish in a bowl, 2 cats and a dog. Of course to accommodate all these extras, the family needed to move out to the suburbs from their apartment in the city. He is now a young man, studying to be a vetinary surgeon, beloved by all who know him. Caring, kind and friendly.

I sat with the Senior Angel. Ready for my next assignment, looking back happily at the years of nurturing him. Senior said “I see you have begun the process of learning to find the key”. I asked what that was all about.

Senior explained. “Each person has some key to opening their heart. For so many, they come with the key in place and it takes little to open the lock. But with some, it takes just the right shaped key.” She took my hand and walked me over to her wall. There was the picture, music made up of keys. “When you have enough heart-keys collected, then they make the most beautiful music in your heart” she said.

34 thoughts on “The key to his heart

                    1. really? I know it does wonders for windows and shower glass, oh, and as fabric softner (just a little bit in your rinse water) or to clean the washing machine out.

  1. I don’t know what to say. T’z good when that happens.

    Seemed like a personable guardian angel, hard to come by these days.

    1. Thank you. I’m never sure where the Angel stories come from, they seem fully formed when they arrive. Most odd.

      and you did miss it, I rather expected some music from you

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