Snow, for some a pretty normal winter event. For us “Joburgers” it’s always rather exciting. We have had snow on 23 days in the last 103 years. That makes it a rare event, sufficient to cause great excitement.

Yesterday was no exception. Clouds scudding in from the south-west as I drove to work. Mid morning, the view out the window had drifting shadow and weakfish sunlight. Then I looked up and the outlook was mostly grey. So surprising I exclaimed about it. Next thing we were all at the window, peering out at the flakes floating around.

The thing I like about snow is that, unlike rain which is really unidirectional, snowflakes break all the rules and fly around, down, left, right, up. Dancing in the air!

Happy snowflakes.

In the car park, people were scraping snow off the cars to have snowballs.

The lion at the zoo just looked a bit puzzled.

And the golfers couldn’t find their balls so they just went to the 19th hole to drink away their sorrows, after driving all over in the white,

So I broke the rules and broke up the workshop early, sending people off on their two hour drive about n hour earlier than usual. The thing with us here is that this weather is so unusual, people don’t know how to drive and being in rush hour with idiots who have the weather against them is not a great idea.

Tomorrow is a holiday, National Woman’s Day. So I will be like a snowflake and break the rules, do things in the wrong order.




24 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I loved seeing all the snow pictures on
    All we have on the KZN coast is rain, lots of rain.
    I love your “dancing, happy snowflakes”.
    Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. Ach, Sidey, the globe is a strange place, with us at the height of a doubtful summer and you with your snowflakes. Wellies on, girl, and out there with you to build a snowman.

    1. there wasn’t enough at home to do so. It was only heavy enough here and there. All i got was a load of slushy icy water all over the place. The pretty ones were outside work, 15 km’s away

  3. oh wow! have a snowball fight for me with someone, please? it’s all sun shine here in the mothertitty – a welcome reprieve from all the rain, I guess?

  4. Woo! Snow is fun on the first and second days, I find. I love driving through it at night, headlights on full – always seems surreal!

    That lion-in-the-snow image is excellent.

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