The things that make me happy

After I posted the theme I realised it was a rather odd one for me. Its generally not things that make me happy , but people who do so.


I’m happiest of all surrounded by those I love, who are all happy, content or just not un-happy.

Happiness tends to be a little transitory. Contentment, its older sibling tends to be more durable. But then knowing those I love are safe, well, happy is what it generally takes to keep me happy.


However, sometimes we just want something to put a smile on our faces, so here is today’s find. A teeny piece of instant ‘happiness’.


28 thoughts on “The things that make me happy

  1. Who knew that hedgehogs enjoyed escargot? 😆

    Usually, when I speak of happiness, it’s that lasting sense of inner contentment that I’m after . . . not the ephemeral and transitory feeling of being “up” rather than down.

          1. okay fair enough but only when I’ve allowed to run again – should by early next week? gives me lots of time to round ém up, haha

              1. great, will start getting the lassos ready – with which to rope them in, ha ha. oh and the hat!?! no wait, have more than enough of those!

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