Weekend theme

Part of my frustration last week was not only dealing with the consequences of being robbed and having to repair damage, and upgrade security, but also having to cope with the change in my 3G for Internet access.

I try to balance out risk. I have one modem from supplier M and had another from supplier V. V I had had for a long time, and even have a signal booster box in my home. For a few weeks the M signal at home has been useless.

But last Friday I went to sort out getting more bandwidth from them, ending up with 2 modems, each carrying 2gb of data. Problems occurred almost immediately. They did NOT behave. So all week I have limped along,

Now the bad modems are off to be swapped, and my older one tried. Alas, it does not want to install its software! Grrrrr!

So now I’m coping with M but the connection has improved slightly, so I’m holding thumbs.

All that before I get to the theme. Gosh what a moaning Minnie I am becoming!

To make the switch to a better frame of mind, I am going to use you all. Therefore the theme is

Things that make me happy.

54 thoughts on “Weekend theme

  1. never good changing service providers and or hardware/software. I’m very tempted to change mine but feel the stress will make my brain explode ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice weekend theme ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. an undecided ummmm. kitty armpits don’t smell different from the rest of the cat. But I believe the paws taste great if you lick them ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. I do so love to lick a fresh cat paw, he he he *cough-cough-wheeze*
            But seriously – they smell nicer, they really do, cute fluffy smell! or is it my meds?

                  1. blame the meds – makes things fuzzy and stuff but wehat if it wears off and I’m good to go again? then we blame the, er, slaves?

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