Weekend Theme

Its Friday, time for me to post the weekend’s theme. Several things suggested themselves, but none seemed quite right. Then I realised it’s my feeling that is the theme Ambivalence

Second generation friends

Mentorship, leadership, being the senior in a relationship. When does it end? When does the junior become the equal? It is a status change that fascinates me. Watching people come into the knowledge, experience or whatever is needed to place them on equal footing with the senior. Sometimes, even more fascinating is watching the previous […]

Pinkys Weekend Quiz #73

Some weekends my buddy Pinky posts a foodie quiz. I always answer 100% and she is 100% graceful about my answers. A perfect solution 😉 So here’s number 73 1. What is the main ingredient of “potage st. germain”? No clue, it could even be pea soup and I wouldn’t recognise it. 2. What is […]

Nom de plume. How many does one man need?

“You know Margery, I do think your husband Peter Brooker is such a clever man. Why his career in parliament alone is proof of that. But then those books he writes! Amazing, my dear. And to have done so for all these years. I always enjoyed the detective novels by Humphrey Thwistle, never imagining I […]