Variations on a Theme

I had hoped to have a lot of fun with this on Saturday morning. Instead my Saturday was taken up with organising a new Kitchen door, getting it fitted etc.

On Friday I had been working at home, and went out to a meeting at about 10.30. A little earlier someone had rung the intercom from the complex gate. But as I was rather busy I didn’t answer as I wasn’t expecting anyone and I know any friend would phone from the gate.

When I drove out I realised the gate mechanism was on manual setting. I got out of my car and put it onto automatic, got back in and drove off.

When I returned at about 3 I discovered I had been robbed. My kitchen door smashed so that it was open. My flat-screen TV gone. Nothing else was missing, so I wonder if they had been disturbed in some way.

During the investigation, my neighbours came home, one coming to my house (with the police car outside) to report she too had been robbed. Her door onto the garden had been forced open and the security gate jacked up ripping it out and all the concrete it was embedded in. Huge force used.

By 7pm we discovered yet another house had been burgled. So an evening of police and getting security guards as the three houses couldn’t be locked up. The detectives came hotfooting in as 3 house breakins was enough to warrant their attention.

Saturday was the fingerprints man and replacing the kitchen door.

So all in all, no theme contribution from me.  YET!

Maybe tonight I will feel more like it.


47 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

      1. But somebody must have known what’s inside?
        We also live along a spruit… had our gate motor stolen a few times but now we have a cage and spikes,

  1. How awful for you and your neighbours, sidey. I’m so sorry. It seems that skellums abound in your area. Very worrying indeed. When you replace your TV, don’t put the box out with your rubbish, as that will advertise the fact.

  2. That’s not very nice of them – to burgle you like that. The TV can be replaced but not that feeling of security. I hope they catch the man and when the do give us a holler and we can either build a wicker man or play tar-and-feather-the-culprit.

    For what it’s worth – on Friday night some halfwit tried to break into our complex via the bin room door on the road. Thanks to the heavy duty security door and the CCTV cameras they are no longer at large. Turns out its my stupid neigbhbour who wanted to burgle his own flat. And why admit it you fool? Some people! *pft*

    Now there’s one less stupid person to kill my new friend, yay!

    Okay I’m going now – busy setting up my new computer *yawn* building that wicker man would be much more fun.

  3. That’s awful. Sorry to hear you’ve been through all that. They were obviously professionals and not just druggies. As Adinparadise said above, when you get your new stuff, don’t put any boxes out – these kinds of people are fond of making a second visit if they think it’s worthwhile. Hope you’re not feeling too discombobulated.

    1. Thanks, I think they are organised opportunists.

      I’ve been through worse experiences, meeting the bad guys in the past. Its really not so bad when you don’t have to meet them

  4. So sorry to hear about this, Sidey. I’ve been burgled, and it took me a long while to feel …clean (never mind safe) again.

  5. New doors and cleaning – hope they help the discombobulation. The odd and ! beneficial ! side effect of a burglary years ago was that I became less and less attached to things, even the things carrying feelings for me. I think you are already a people matter person – so good wishes while you deal with the door and all those gates you have to have. We are all human in spite of them, and cats with feelings are in there too somewhere

    1. Thanks Elspeth, yes the things are only a problem for a few things that carry memories for me of the previous owners.

      But it is annoying to have to replace functional stuff.

    1. Very scary too, I have been hijacked at knife point and held up by men with guns previously. I really never want to meet that sort ever again

  6. So sorry to hear this. I am glad your place was not trashed, but being burgled is no fun. I remember hours of filling in insurance forms when I was burgled.
    Keep safe.

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