Weekend Theme

When I began this ‘Weekend thing” quite a few years ago, it was the “Weekend Challenge”. (On the old Media24 bloggs that at some stage changed to Letterdash) Sometimes the descriptions I gave were quite explicit and dictatorial. Oddly though those were the ones I liked the least. When I decided to stop the weekend challenge, there were a few people who said they missed it, so I decided to create something just slightly different from the original one. And that was how the Weekend Theme was born.

This weekend, the theme is almost itself. It has been playing around in the corners of my mind, disturbing all the dust bunnies lurking there. As it has stayed through several days, it is obviously the right one.

This weekend the theme is

Variations on a Theme


34 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

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  2. Did something resembling a post Sidey.
    Don’t think it really qualifies as such, but there were a few variations on a normal theme 😉

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