Weekend Theme

This weekend the theme is very simple



52 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

      1. Does setting fire to my desk count? Oh right, only if I take pictures! And here is my stack of fire wood – and that is my lighter – that is the start of the fire and where it spirals out of control. That’s my house burning down and there I’m being roughed up my the police – they’re coming to take me a way, ha ha ho ho. Ah, such a great time was had by all.

              1. now now, no walking on egss shells – hit us hard, guns akimbo! (sometimes I really wonder and think to myself, M, what the heck are you on about!?!)

                  1. Fantastic! I like clubs (spiked and otherwise!) Do we get matching outfits and hats? If not, that’s okay – we’ll survive!

                    1. On the bright side, less washing and ironing to do? Oh dear, makes it sound like a nudist convention. Mind you, not all abuse is THAT bad!

                    1. the more you say it the more I am believing you! now to work in my other thing, sniffing kitty armpits. Maybe that is what I am running towards?

                    1. that sounds dubious. tell you what, I’ll leave you to it and um, read my book. (I’ve discovered Victoria Holt. Shhhhh, don ‘t tell anyone!)

  1. Okay I’ve posted what I’ve managed to scrape together. Need a lot of work but every day in every day my posts become less sucky.

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