Is she weird or ill?

Once again today I met up with a neighbour. In about 10 minutes of conversation (if you can call it that) she said much, never finished a sentence, and baffled me several times.

The woman never finishes a sentence. She starts one thought and moves on to the next.

What I wonder is “was she always like this, has she had a stroke, is she ill?” or then I just wonder “Is she just truly weird?”


I realised I don’t know enough about brain damage / strokes / illness to tell if this is a likely symptom of something.

43 thoughts on “Is she weird or ill?

  1. I went to school with someone like that! Aloof is the word that comes to mind. Wonder what became of him? Oh right, drugs. Not good, eh?

              1. careful – you might choke if you’re sipping on something – or trying to figure out just how to eat that HUGE tablet of yours

                  1. Some aunt once told me that to choke is the equivalent of someone wishing you a pain in the hind. How very rude of THEM to want that, eh?

  2. this kind of reminds me of my hubby. All of a sudden he’ll say something like “I really think he was daft doing that.” I then spend the next few minutes questioning him until I find out who was doing what. Drives me mental!

  3. How very … you’d never catch me doing … hey the weather is a bit … where do those dogs think they’re … but maybe it isn’t.
    I think she’s weird AND ill!

      1. If you really mean this, she might be wanting to say something unspeakable, can’t, so starts off all the other stuff which can’t finish with what she really has to say. Feels like there is something difficult there …

  4. Sounds like ill – but who does it bother? You and anyone else who would like a conversation where you had a part in it too would be bothered, but if she is happy? just listening (only a few minutes) matters. You are a good neighbour.

  5. There is such a thing as early-onset dementia, but I wondered when you mentioned the monster husband – especially if he’s the (self)confidence-battering type (my former partner comes to mind)…

          1. It takes a long time to unlock…and she needs to be at her ease, if that’s what it is. If she feels scared her brain will freeze. That’s not a scientific term, obviously.

  6. Is she very elderly? If so it could just be onset of senility. My mom’s brain doesn’t work nearly as fast as it used to, and she often loses the thread of what she’s saying.

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