Weekend theme

The weekend is just a few hours away, so it’s time to post he weekend theme. For those who have yet to play along, on Friday I post a theme, and people create posts using the theme, leaving a message here with a link so that others can follow all the posts. Anyone with a log anywhere can play along with us.

Those are the guidelines. The only rule is to have some fun with it.

This weekend the theme is

“A grand entrance”


54 thoughts on “Weekend theme

    1. I’m glad you feel that way. Its just a bit of fun to see what people come up with – started when I realised everyone was writing a lot and I’d love to see what they all said about something in common

      1. Ha ha having frozen hands definitely don’t help. Luckily I’ve settled into my new peanut gallery – comments for all!

              1. why thank you! would you like some biscuits with your tea? and if you’re really nice the cats might let you adore them *damn cheeky monsters*

                  1. bound to keep you warm if they park themselves on your lap, hehe. jaffe cakes? not sure I have in stock – note to self, time to shop again *shudder*

                    1. I haven’t sen them there, just at Spar. One had real Jaffa cakes – yum yum, but even limiting oneself to one a day means they get finished SO fast

                    2. the pnp ones were probably not the real thing but they made me itch so that means there was something bad in them.

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