Weekend Theme

Its Friday, time for me to post the weekend’s theme. Several things suggested themselves, but none seemed quite right.

Then I realised it’s my feeling that is the theme



33 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I think that since I am still ambivalent about starting to post regularly, I might opt out again this week – but then again, I may submit something. As I said I am ambivalent about it, so this comment might be all you get from me this week – it might have to do! 😆


  2. Didn’t get any further than “To be or not to be, that is the question” I can probably make it my own by asking to run or not to run or some such thing?

      1. While it’s dark or only when it is light?
        While it rains or only when it stops?
        When the wind howls or only when it stops?

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