Pinkys Weekend Quiz #73

Some weekends my buddy Pinky posts a foodie quiz. I always answer 100% and she is 100% graceful about my answers. A perfect solution 😉

So here’s number 73

1. What is the main ingredient of “potage st. germain”? No clue, it could even be pea soup and I wouldn’t recognise it.

2. What is a cordial?  Usually a cordial greeting is a friendly one, so I’m assuming it’s a friendly drink.

3. Where did chicken kiev originate from? Sheesh! The city of Kiev of course.

4. What two ingredients MUST BE in a cassoulet? Chicken and beans

5. What is the main ingredient of the Greek dish Spanakorizo? Spinach

6. What does “Kleftiko” mean? Stolen

7. Sage is native to which area? The brain

8. What are the traditional ingredients of Beef Wellington? Beef and Wellington boots

9. What is the dough called that is used to make croquet-en-bouches’s puffs? Choux pastry

10. What is the traditional Thailand soup made of coconut and chicken called? Chicken and coconut soup (In Thai of course)


39 thoughts on “Pinkys Weekend Quiz #73

  1. 2. I personally have not so far met an unfriendly cordial.
    3. You’d think that goes without saying?
    7. See 2.
    8. Wellies, really? You mean it wasn’t my cooking? 😉

      1. Quite possibly worse, and not as clever with words either 😉
        Even so I’m tempted to try it sometime, having a go at her quizzes, I mean. (no googling, eh?)

  2. Are you allowed to google the answers? Eish, all this food talk is making me hungry *here kitty kitty kitty * before you take out a hit on me, they serve me my breakfast, ha ha *cough-cough-wheeze*

    1. googling is cheating. One of these days I’m going to google them all and see if anyone notices. Oh silly me, they know I don’t know much in this area 😉

      Get better – that is an order

      1. Ah kay – fair enough – no oggling googling then!

        Oh I’m set to go – the coughing and wheezing was from, you guessed it, running! When will I ever learn?

  3. Great answers. I agree, Kelftiko means stolen or someone who can’t resist stealing. I enjoyed reading through your answers. Honest, practical with lots of humor. Thanks…

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