Nom de plume. How many does one man need?

“You know Margery, I do think your husband Peter Brooker is such a clever man. Why his career in parliament alone is proof of that. But then those books he writes! Amazing, my dear. And to have done so for all these years. I always enjoyed the detective novels by Humphrey Thwistle, never imagining I knew the author all along. Such intriguing plots, such dashing heroes and delightful heroines. The villains always seem like people one would distrust on sight.

And now his latest revelation, that he is also Daffodil Marsh; those beautiful poems that Woman’s Weekly have been publishing. What talent, what sensitivity!

You must be so proud of him. No wonder he could afford that lovely yacht trip this year. Grenada must have been so romantic, all those lovely sailors, shirts off and muscles rippling. You really must invite me some time, I haven’t seen a rippling muscle since I last went to Ascot for Ladies Day, and then the muscles were all on the horses. Sad really how men are now all so flabby, society needs some new blood.

Are you really off to Grenada again tomorrow? You would think with all the places you two haven’t been, you could try somewhere new this year.”

——–======== ——–

“Well Chief Detective Browning sir, it is amazing to find that the book you mentioned has exactly the details of the Moor Murders, step by step, just as we investigated. Yet it was published only a month after the event.

The Knotting House editor has arrived for the interview, in room 26, shall I set up the recorder for you?”


“Chief Detective, I really can’t help you much. The manuscript for the book ‘Murder on the Moor’ arrived like the others, plain brown wrapping, posted in Central London, and the work itself is technically good, no editing really required, so I haven’t had to contact the writer. Despite the name Peter Brooks, never having been published as far as we can ascertain, I am sure the person is an experienced author, everything is just ready for the printers.

We just pay the royalties into a numbered account in Grenada, no other contact is necessary. Brooks’ books sell so well, they seem very realistic. Brooks is now a wealthy man.


Yes sir, the detail is so lifelike, now that you have pointed out the similarities to the real murders.

I wonder if Mr Brooks’ other books are as close to real murders?

There is a new manuscript that arrived yesterday. About a politician’s wife being killed by a sniper in Grenada. The politician seems implicated, but the very smart local policeman realizes he has been set up by the local Mafia to seem guilty.

20 thoughts on “Nom de plume. How many does one man need?

  1. Loved it, thanks for sharing! When do we get to read the rest?

    Reminds me of another story – can’t remember – something with crows. Grrr

                  1. Oh is that it! I thought they were being friendly, delightful little creatures filled with love and admiration and not food-related-aspirations…

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