A bicycle made for 2 (or 1)

The theme started me on a visual search of bicycle designs, after I realised I’m probably not going to get the post I planned written. My writing mojo seems as distant as the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I started looking at tandem bikes, feeling rather as Kate Shrewsday put it, that the […]


Weekend Theme

It is Friday, and as I only just squeaked in yesterday with my contribution to last week’s theme, I’m hoping my muse will come back home this weekend. The theme this weekend is “A bicycle made for two, or one“ As usual, create your contribution and leave a message here with the link to it, so that […]

My friend Pinky has again challenged me in the food arena, posting another of her quizzes. I always answer 100%, and she is always 100% polite about my answers. We go together like warm croissants and honey. What is a rendang? It sounds rather like a hillbilly term, so is it a fancy name for […]