Weekend Theme

As usual on a Friday morning, I need to post the Weekend theme. But for a change I almost know what it is before I put finger to the keyboard. Kate Shrewsday got me started; writing about who could have really been the writer who created the collected works we today believe were written by a chappie called William Shakespeare.

So this weekend the theme is

“Nom de Plume”

The usual guidelines:

  • any blogger anywhere can play
  • create your post using the theme in whatever way it sends you
  • leave a message here with a link so that others can go and read the contributions

and the only rule

  • Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I so loved that movie about Shakespeare and the notion he didn’t pen his own works. The thought had never crossed my mind before, but after watching the movie I could well believe the truth in this rumour.

  2. I think that is the difference between our computers, Sidey. If I click on my name, it takes me to my site.
    I’ll make a link in future.

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