Monday evening musings

Power. What is it? Who has it? Do they use it well?

What does ‘using power well’ mean?

I finally watched Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover this evening. Along with finding Leonardo di Caprio is actor enough to age and look very saggy, I sat and wondered about the sort of power a man will seek. Personal power over others. That seems to be how to do it. But at what cost to one’s own integrity?

Letting my tiny mind go wandering around in the rather dim recesses of my memory (always a sport fraught with danger and mishap) I was digging through slivers of remembered books, newspaper and magazine articles about various people (usually men) and how they came to, used and abused power.

I began to despair; have there ever been men of power who didn’t abuse it – usually for themselves? Or is the very nature of power such that it must constantly be gathered and used to remain in existence?

Democracy, government by the people, for the people? Is that possible when it’s really all about who has the POWER?

More despair. Not a good evening in the recesses of the tiny mind!

So the next question is, do all people seek for the same type of power in the same way. I do hope not.

I know for many women, their definition of power, is the power over themselves, to be who they want to be without having to compromise constantly with the demands of others.

And are there men who seek no power? If so what do they seek, knowledge, happiness, excitement?

I think it may be time for some warm milk and bed.


32 thoughts on “Monday evening musings

  1. I think that power-seekers are in it mostly for the control they have over others and also for the money.
    Maybe I think this way because we see so much of it in SA.
    Good night 🙂

  2. Er quite a post you have there. I think it’s fair to say that yes, there are some guys out there who don’t want power – thanks the hats for variety!

      1. Just, er, gravy trains and luxury 4x4s (nearly said fat cats but that would mean insulting the cat) – btw I was sure I cancelled this reply. Sometimes it safer to sit down – before I hurt myself?

                    1. But of course! Also, you get different shades of glitter 🙂 Do you think it advisable to roll in glue before being dusted in glitter?

                    2. if you become a vampire I believe you get your own makeup artiste, otherwise i guess glue and glitter it will have to be 😉

  3. Now I want to see that movie. 😉 It sounds fascinating. I’m sure that the majority of guys aren’t power hungry. It’s just that the ones who are, make it into the limelight.

    1. It is interesting. so many years, so much good done and so much damage done especially in terms of the political pressure. he definitely believed he was doing what was needed to ‘save america’ but there are always many viewpoints about peoples rights

  4. I tried to think of somebody who hasn’t abused their position, and I can’t think of anybody. Actually I came up with Winston Churchill, what do you think?

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