Weekend Theme

When I started blogging it was on a very ‘social’ platform, and there I met some wonderful people. One group were the Food Bloggers. Those people with an interest in good food, not only for eating, but also for creating, photographing and simply sharing information.

Someone I came to admire greatly is “BrownieGirl” or Colleen as I came to know her. A wonderful person, with a heart bigger than she is. She started (in a rather modest way at first) the Food Bloggers Indaba. (Indaba is a Southern African term for a meeting of people, a discussion forum and more)

Over just a few years this has grown into a huge event, bringing people from all over to it. All interested in food.

As one of those not going (my cooking efforts are far more basic than those attending) a few of us are having our own “Food Eaters Indaba” this weekend.

So this has given me the theme for the weekend.It is very simple.



31 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

              1. Was thinking along the lines of petting kitty and stroking kitty – if kitty happened to be a ginger accidents might happen, in which case you get rabbit pie for din-dins – not kitty stuffed though, that’s just wrong!

              1. As for your bunny slippers, some PETA friends and I might have to pay you a little visit *get the gera guys, we’re going fur bashing* 🙂 If it happens that they’re fake bunnies we pop some batteries in them (but not Duracell as they test on animals – how ironic is that!?!) and end them back to the burrow to hunt down the cat (b)eaters?

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