Feeling electronically rejected

I have discovered my blog does not send notifications. It used to. Facebook carried my little link, faithfully. Apparently other methods informed people of new blog posts and comments.

Alas, no more.

And now at 4.12 am on a Thursday that, for us in this hemisphere, is the shortest day, I discover that my comments seem to be disappearing into the void.

Rejection by electrons!



27 thoughts on “Feeling electronically rejected

  1. I got the email email notification, too πŸ™‚ I know a cabal of Neo-Luddites lurking on our West Coast – should I send them your way to “attend to it” ?

      1. Hehe where should I drop them off? Might have forgotten to mention but they are knee-high and have a tendency to chew on things like ankles and electrical wiring.

  2. I have email notifications…

    as to facebook, I know others have lost their facebook notifications, but then have reinstated them, but I don’t know how. Kate Shrewsday I think has this, so it may be worth asking her. I think Tilly had problems.

  3. I also get a notification when you’ve posted.
    On the black bar there is a small symbol which indicated any comments to your blogs. There are some subscribers whose notifications I don’t get even though I’m following them.
    FB only notifies me when there are several messages, as I don’t check that on a daily basis.

  4. (a) I am recorded as a follower.
    (b) I receive no advices of your posts.
    (c) I have not left any tick unticked.
    (d) I have no idea why.
    (e) If you don’t visit me, the only way I can find you is track you down in someone else’s comments.

    Oh, and all of a sardine, I can’t respond to comments in my own blog.

  5. It seems like a problem all over! I am invicible at the moment, or maybe everyone is just ignoring me! I also visited other blogs that I have subscribed to and see that I also did not receive notifications of their posts?!! I am feeling despondent at this stage!

  6. I still get notifications of your posts in my email, so that is fine. The facebook thing happened to me too, so you have to go to Sharing in you WordPress settings and re-connect with Facebook, then all will be well again πŸ™‚

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