Weekend theme

For those who have never played along with us in the weekend theme, it is quite simple. You create a post (or several if you are feeling prolific) using the theme in whatever way it works for you. Then you come back to this post and leave a message itch a link so that others can come and read your post(s). The fun is in seeing how differently so many people use the theme.

This weekend the theme is “social media”. As we are all playing here in one aspect, this should give scope for reflection or discovery, depending on how you are tempted.

There is as usual, one rule. Have fun with it.


33 thoughts on “Weekend theme

      1. I really do want to try and encourage the other two (I’m related to one of them and I haven’t seen anything they’ve written only know that they are starting. The other one is writing funny sketches) maybe they can join in here too.

  1. No time for a new one, but here’s one that seems appropriate:

    Limerick Ode To Holidayitis
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    Weโ€™re busy pretending to work:
    Reading Facebookโ€™s the best way to shirk
    All the tasks weโ€™re assigned,
    Cuz itโ€™s more fun to find
    Funny posts than to slave for a jerk.

    Limerick Ode To Holidayitis

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