A bicycle made for 2 (or 1)

The theme started me on a visual search of bicycle designs, after I realised I’m probably not going to get the post I planned written. My writing mojo seems as distant as the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

I started looking at tandem bikes, feeling rather as Kate Shrewsday put it, that the spot at the back may be one that feels rather at the mercy of the person in front, until I contenplated sitting at the back and not peddling.

My search led me to discover that the humble bicycle is far from humble, nor is it always as expected. They come in quite a wide selection of styles, not all in quite the configuration I expected from a bicycle.


This one has rather unusual position and type of pedals




How the steering works on this one is somewhat beyond me, I’m accustomed to seeing a direct link from handlebars to the direction of the front wheel



How the wheels go round and round without a centre fascinates me, I hope to find one to see how it works.





And I guessed that this was for those who love to hear the patter of little (or not so little) feet.






One that completely fascinated me has no tires, the design relies on the springiness of the steel wheels. It is beautiful.




And then of course the tandems, mostly with only 2 wheels, but sometimes….
And a little bit of history, to round off the ideas. Kate, I think you could handle this one (in the front)

10 thoughts on “A bicycle made for 2 (or 1)

  1. Amazing designs! There have also been some interesting modern tricycles. I tried one out a few years ago in (of all places) the grounds of University of Cape Town. One almost lies down in them.

  2. 😀 Indeed I could handle the last picture. And I wouldn’t mind trying on the frock either! Lovely round up, Sidey, don’t know how you found them all…love the white Dr Seuss one. Think that’s my utter favourite.

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