People from the past

It’s been a few weeks of seeing people from various stages in my past. Some has been really great, some ok, and some rather baffling.

How it is that someone who made life really difficult ‘back’ then; now seems happy to hug and kiss me hello?

It makes me wonder what had been happening in their lives ‘back then’ and hopefully think that now they must be back in their ‘right’ mode.

13 thoughts on “People from the past

  1. Much of our behavior is “situational.”

    If you take the popular cheerleader out of her “inner circle” (the one she wants to impress) . . . she becomes a different (often kinder) person.

    Likewise with people in and out of the workplace, before and after children, etc. And, then, of course, sometimes we mellow with age . . . of just WISE UP and realize that everyone is fighting a hard battle and it pays to be as KIND as we can.

  2. I don’t know the answer. But I recall going to my 20th high school reunion and being greeted like a long lost friend by people who never gave me the time of day in high school. Very strange!

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