Contrasts, what a wide subject I opened up with that one!

Over the weekend I once again saw the contrast in one person between the sober and drunk versions. What a contrast! The one friendly, loving; the other surly, verging on the dangerous. By the end of that I was disgusted and wanted nothing more to do with them.

I know some pretty quiet people who are suddenly noisy, laughing life-of-the-party when drunk. Which is real? They are both positive, displaying different ‘faces’ of the positive side.

I know some reasonable outgoing types who retreat into apparently morose silence when drunk; do they force their attention when sober and allow it to focus internally only when they are drunk?

Does the real person come out when someone is drunk? Or is the real person the one who behaves as they desire, supressing aspects of themselves they don’t like?

14 thoughts on “Contrasts

  1. good question. I’m not sure what is true, the real when drunk, or the real when sober. When I’m a wee bit tipsy I become more confident and will chat and laugh with people I hardly know, but when I’m sober I’m very much more hesitant.

  2. I’ve also wondered the same about the drunk person. I must say with myself though, in company I am very quite but after a glass or two of wine I do become a bit more chatty 🙂

  3. I learnt when my mu had her brain op that inhibition is an essential part of our make up. Without it, we are not ourselves, because it is part of the natural checks and balances with which nature has provided us. Alcohol removes it: unnaturally. Not the real us at all.

  4. listen to Kate – self-inhibition is how we learn maturity, innate, not imposed from outside. There is a different sort of not really mature development which many suffer from attempting to please others or the other side of that coin, acting as if others do not matter. People often drink too much in a sort of bid for self-medication, it feels as if they are getting a different self. If only … the answer is harder work than that… facing oneself rather than running from…

  5. My personal opinion is that you will not abuse alcohol in the first place if you have any self-respect. Or respect for your partner with you. There is nothing uglier than a drunk person. Well maybe there is… a drunk woman. And I know this is probably discrimination, but it is also true. However, I remove myself immediately where there is alcohol abuse. I have seen too much suffering because of alcohol abuse. If you can stop at two (or maybe three) drinks, then fine. Else DO NOT DRINK!

    1. I have a reputation for being nasty to drunks, I don’t tolerate their stupidity and nastyness, but after a few I do love the people who become more happy, caring and general;y nice.

  6. Good questions, Sidey.

    A bit of alcohol allows us to RELAX and BE ourselves . . . too much alcohol destroys necessary synapses. We traverse “sociable” and become “anti-social.”

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