Weekend theme

Yesterday was Friday, and oops I forgot. My excuse is that we have a whole lot of family visiting and I have been with them and not online. I do think it’s a healthy sign that real people can drag me offline and out and about so easily πŸ˜‰

So as it is around 4am on Saturday morning I’m doing it now. (it is wonderful what you can do from an IPad in the middle of the night.)

This weekend the theme is


As usual, create your post, leave a message here so others can follow the link, and have fun writing and reading everyone else’s contributions.


37 thoughts on “Weekend theme

    1. True, and we don’t see enough of each other
      Today I saw one who is related to m via a dead marriage (so no real relation) and he is another delightful young woman

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking what you found. I see some familiar names here in the comments. How does your theme thing work? I shall have a quick look around.
    Thanks again.

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