5 years and still blogging

Just over 5 years ago I created my first ever blog post, inspired by something odd that happened on the spruit (stream) outside the wall where I live. Sadly the platform – then called 24.com and later Letterdash, has become more or less dead. The change in editorial staff and the poor behaviour of the new editor has had a lot to do with this.

However it is still there, and here are the snapshots to remeber it by

The content

Living next to the spruit in the suburbs of Johannesburg, I see quite a few interesting things.  Last week’s top of the list – a dog up a tree.

Poor dog, about the size of a labrador but darker brown, about 6ft up a willow tree.  It must have run up following one of the wildlife forms we see down at the spruit.

The SPCA person I phoned couldn’t contain her giggles. It did sound wierd. But we managed the rescue before they could arrive to assist.

The dog was eventually rescued by a young man, plumber who came to a neighbour and who I discovered by chance. He also took pictures but hasn’t send them to me as promised.

So what makes a dog run up and up without thinking of how to get down?  maybe it’s not something it has ever run into previously, maybe it likes being rescurd and made a fuss of.

Somehow at the time I thought life on the spruit would offer enough interest, but I got over that idea very quickly.

Over the years there have been “episodes” in blogging. The “Dawn Patrol” a bunch of us who would be online at 5am South Africa time, posting, reading, commenting. The era of a gang who now still chat daily on facebook. The sad and horrid eras of trolls and other nasty people, who made spending time online so awful for some that they left the open forum and moved elsewhere.

So here I am, 5 years later, still blogging. Most of the friends I made during the early years have stopped blogging for one reason or another.

37 thoughts on “5 years and still blogging

  1. Glad that dog was rescued. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary, sidey. I’ve so enjoyed following you since I found you. 😉 I now have two WP blogs. Not sure what to do with the ex LD one.

  2. That is quite a blogging history, Sidey 🙂 Happy Blogaversary, and thank you for all that you bring us here in cyberspace. I feel very lucky to know you, and work with you on those wonderful challenges of yours.

    The dog in the tree? Just classic. I’d love to see Mac up a tree. And I wouldn’t put it past him.

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