More Freedoms?

Freedom is a tough thing to learn to handle. It’s a double edged sword as we learn what freedom is, so that one person’s freedom does not negatively affect another.

We in South Arica have watched ourselves putting together one of the worlds most advanced constitutions, ensuring equality for all. Such a wonderful contrast to the apartheid regime, with freedom for only a few. For all who fought in any way against the inequities of that system, it was as though we had been blessed. To be part of the great liberation!

Yet we see and hear people claiming all sorts of ‘rights’. Not stuff that’s in the constitution, but what they FEEL they should have.

The one that always makes me see red is the claim by certain men that they have a ‘right’ to sex. As though that justifies rape! Obviously they have the freedom to propose themselves as a sexual partner to whoever they fancy, but that person also has the freedom to refuse the offer.

Once again, one group claiming a right / freedom that immediately prevents someone else from a probably more important freedom. The freedom to choose ones sexual partner!

This week there has been quite a fuss over a missing teenage who was eventually found at a “Lollypop Lounge”, where teenage girls are lured in by promises of all sorts of ‘desirable’ goodies and into forced prostitution.  Apparently at home these girls live with a huge degree of ‘freedom’ coming and going as they please, so that it took the family a day to be worried that no-one had seen her. Such a false freedom!


8 thoughts on “More Freedoms?

  1. Sometimes what is written on paper is much more difficult to live out in real life. With freedom comes a lot of responsibilities and that is what these freedom “fighters” do not always realize.

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