We humans are odd really. It is amazing how often people demand, fight for, kill for that most elusive of things, “Freedom”.

Yet when we look at the outcomes, one persons freedom is often at the expense of others. Freedom, being a double sided coin of rights and responsibilities is often stuck down as an ornamental plaque with only the side of rights exposed.

If one wants freedom of expression, for example, one must allow the same freedom for others.

Freedom for women is one issue possibly more difficult to define or achieve. It is not only in the political sphere it is looked for but also in the personal sphere. For some freedom is expressed in being wife and mother, with a husband to support her financially, for others it is the right to work at whatever occupation she chooses, maybe even in conflict with the demands of her husbands occupation.

In my lifetime in the ‘western’ world women have achieved levels of independence in so many areas, I occasionally wonder how men with a traditional personal view of the world cope with it.

With so many women redefining the role of women in the workplace as well as in he home, how have men adapted? Some seem determined to carry on as their fathers did, some apparently live in a permanent state of extended adolescence,

Have women remembered to include freedom for men?

How would men define that?

All quite a complicated balance between the genders.

10 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Nice post, and certainly arguments for both sides for women. I have to be honest and say that for years I’ve wanted to be married and always insisted on maintaining my independence and identity while being financially independent, and so by choice I worked full time. But now, I’m starting to shift and would like to go back to some old fashioned values of allowing my hubby to support and care for me. BUT, I would still have to maintain my identity and have access to his bank account!

  2. I have always wondered what freedom for women should be, certainly not to be the same as men, but t.o have the right to make decisions and run her own life. If that includes husband and children, to be a partner in the creating and managing of a family. Mixing work and home should she want to. But together instead of just being a defendant.

    The happiest marriages I know are based on the mutual respect as well as love and companionship. That’s when both of them have freely chosen their lives together.

  3. This is a very tough question – women want to be free, but still treated in a way where the man open the door for you, etc. I think we can be as free as we want to, but there will always be roles each gender plays and we need to respect that. Respect, more than freedom, is important.

    1. Freedom of choice is important, and good manners are needed from everyone to make it a more pleasant world for all. No one wants to be a man in a woman’s body, that would be way too boring 😉

  4. From my point of view, I doubt that I will ever be able to ALLOW a man to look after me. Not because he can’t or does not want to, but because I don’t ever want to be beholden to anybody for my life and what I do with it.
    Direct result of being married to a man that, to this day, keep record of everything he’s ever given me and still brings it up…
    I’d rather struggle and know that I did it myself, than live a life of luxury and always feel guilty about it.
    But I do allow them the little things like opening doors for me and help when I’m in a real bind – but never the big things…

  5. We just have a partnership, and encourage one another to be the best we can be. I think as long as you have the support on both sides, and neither one tries to be boss, you can’t go wrong.

    1. That sounds like the recipe for success, equality of opinion, separation of responsibilities, and above all in a personal relationship love and respect

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