Blogging and writing for profit

Reading today about the demands on authors to publish at least 2novels a year or more in short stories made me think of the level of pressure that involves.

Journalists and columnists churn out stuff every day. Straight reporting has the search,the research all time consuming. Columnists have as tough a time as the daily blogger. What to write about, where to find the surrounds, facts pictures, the corroborating details, the history, related and in contrast.

Life pushes harder and faster.

There was a timethen I blogged daily. Then wrote episodes of at least 500 words a day before I went to work. Then I got involved in writing website content, nd the need for brevity drowned all. I could hardly string 2 words together without wondering if I could eliminate one without losing meaning.

Horrors, I couldn’t blog.

I have been blogging more or less daily now for 5 years, and have been wondering if this really is my apprenticeship or just a hobby.



10 thoughts on “Blogging and writing for profit

  1. It’s an apprenticeship that never ends. Everey blank page is a new beginning and every story a new start. We never get to the point where you can switch to automatic and watch the page fill up. But…being writing-fit helps. And that means you have to write a bit regularly – daily if possible – to start to understand your craft. Thanks for posting this – it’s an echo of every writer’s thoughts…

    1. I think until people started going to writing conferences and get-togethers so many thought they were alone. the internet has helped us find each other and discover the effort and pain are common to nearly all of us

  2. You know Sidey, I also thought of publishing my poetry.
    But I decided to simply write what was in me and live with it!
    Perhaps one day someone will decide that what I have written will be of some use to somebody. Who knows.

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