a hug or a kiss

The song lyrics about sitting in the back seat a kissing and a hugging with Fred keep going round and round in my head. Rather disturbingly.

So instead of music (if you have ever had the misfortune to hear me sing you would be grateful for the absence) I remembered some pictures to share with you.

First the hugs, between those traditional enemies, the cat and the dog.

The famous Abyssinian and Bulldog

The cat who comforts the puppy with a hug

And the dog who hugs the cat as though it were a teddy bear





And then the kissing starts. My friend and her Birman kitten at a cat show

Step 1 – Oh oh mum’s zooming in for a kiss

 Step2 -Awww, no mum, not in public!

Step 3 – OK mum, I really do love you kissing me


18 thoughts on “a hug or a kiss

  1. The pictures of your friend are great.
    So is the look on the face of the cat being hugged in the third photo. I get the feeling the whole thing wasn’t his idea.

  2. Yes, I agree that it is rather disturbing to remember that song, as it was way back in 1959. (Paul Evans and the Curls) 😉
    Such cute dog an cat hugging pics. Love them. My cat, Joey, used love kisses and hugs, and having his tummy tickled. xHug

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