On Sunday a friend and I sat having lunch at a favorite restaurant. The food is good, the people friendly.

Along came two women, about our age. Far better dressed, obviously wealthy. One extremely overweight. The  fat one then proceeded to prove why so many of Johannesburg’s wealthy types should be quickly recycled as compost.

She complained. About everything. She didn’t like the bread provided. but what made me  giggle was the fact that when they then brought her some  French loaf, she had already eaten all the bread provided, and then proceeded to consume  all of the French bread as well. Not at all good for her weight.

Then she carried on complaining

I wonder if she has ever seen herself in full complaining-mode? What a sourpuss.

What makes these types believe they are so much better than the rest of us?


19 thoughts on “Entitlement

  1. Ha ha, would have liked to have seen that spectacle.. The poor waiter, probably thought that she would gobble him up if he dare to breathe in her presence..

    The only thing you can do about stuffed up bitches like that is to 1) ignore the hell out of them, or 2) stare at them and laugh/giggle!! That should put them on edge! 😛

  2. That was a rhetorical a question, I’m sure:) We’ve all come across people like your wet sponge today. If it weren’t so annoying, and mood dampening, it would be easier to be sorry for the poor benighted creature. How lost and lonely she must be, hiding under her fat and unrecognised dreams. Poor thing. Poor everyone else too!

      1. And that’s the problem, so we should start complaining as well! What impression do they think they’ll receive, anyway? A pat on the back?

        More like a slap in the face from me… Or just a snort! 😀

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