Friday 13th

Friday 13th. Ever since I was a child I have dreaded the day. My grandmother died on Friday 13th.  My first crush on a boy was spread about the school by Maggie Daines and everyone (including the boy) spent the day laughing at me. Friday 13th, the day to break it off with Delia. This […]

Pinkys Friday Quiz

Some Fridays my friend Pink Polka Dot posts a food related quiz. All I know about food would fit into a very smal teaspoon, but I always have a go. 1. Where is the dish Vindaye a traditional dish? Sounds Eastern to me. 2. What are the main ingredients of a classic French Sabayon? Egg […]

Challenge solved

Its the John G Shedd aquarium in Chicago. The biggest I have visited (and I love visiting them). I fell in love with the Beluga whales there and the Dragon Seahorse, so different in size and appearance.


Melousief posted photos of street names and I got the city right, so now it is my turn. For some of you this may be familiar, but it is one of my favourite aquariums (or is that aquaria). Where is it?

Two choices

We reached the centre of the maze, somewhat disappointed that it appeared little different from the rest of the maze. Just a small wooden post with a bronze plaque stating “this is the centre, you now have two choices”.  But there was no explanation of what the choices were. Find our way out, stay and […]

Weekend theme

Friday, and for us the first day of the Easter Weekend. As its a long weekend I think the weekend theme should be a little longer than usual. As is so often the case an earlier exchange has given me the theme. Kate Shrewsday posted about a maze, and how disappointing the centre was. I […]

Long weekend looming

Last day of work for 4 whole days. Bliss? I so often seem to waste weekends, catching up on sleep, doing chores. This weekend I have more or less devoted to the pleasures of friendship. 2 days forfriend’s, 2 for other stuff. Some birthday shopping that is becoming urgent, too many people with birthdays this […]

Simplicity and Complexity

I’m battling at present to cope with people who, rather like spoiled children, believe the world is or can be made to be as they want. The problem is we have limited time, and to get them thinking and talking sensibly over and over until all options and their pros and cons have been discussed. […]


Tellurian:    Pertaining to or of the Earth. Earth inhabitants. I’m definitely one of those. I love my planet, the good and the scary parts. I believe it’s the most beautiful one around. I don’t think I’m biased about that. I have seen quite a bit of it from the air, and love the specialness of many […]