Pinkys food Quiz

My friend Pinky does these food quizzes. I can’t resist them, despite being rather ignorant in the food world.

1.      What does “to butterfly” means in culinary term? Probably to divide something in half so it looks like butterfly wings

2.     What are traditional peperonata’s main ingredients? As per the traditional recipie

3.     What is a whoopie pie? Made from beans

4.     Mission, Manzanillo, Sevillano and Ascolano are varieties of which fruit? Olives

5.      What are traditional financier’s main ingredients and why are they called financiers? Money, stocks and bonds

6.     Where does lemongrass originate from? Thailand

7.      Where did Swiss rolls originate from and what are the main ingredients of a Swiss roll? From chasing cheeses down hills – oh no wait they do that in the UK? Cake and jam.

8.     How many “eyes” does a coconut have? 3

9.     What is “crimini” more commonly known as? Mushrooms with a police record


10. What is the cooking method that combines stewing, steaming and roasting called? Confused

20 thoughts on “Pinkys food Quiz

  1. Well done, Sidey. 😀 – I like #7, and re 9, don’t all mushrooms have criminal records… but for different infractions? (Or is there another reason we weren’t allowed to play with them? 😉 )

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