Earth Day

So its Earth day today. What does that mean? Spend time communing with some soil, take the big picture and remove all plastics from everywhere?

I think if you take global warming seriously you should either read the book or see the movie “Cool it” by Bjørn Lomborg.

An interesting man who says we can’t necessarily change progress overnight, but that there are ways of compensating environmentally to reverse the warming, giving us time to utilise the alternate power sources. As we have watched world conference after world conference either not agree to emissions limitation, or simply not implement the agreed levels of change, maybe it is time we all looked at the problems from a new angle instead of being so hidebound.

As we all know, so much investigation into alternate power sources, environmentally more friendly than burning fossil fuels, has been stopped by those with financial interests in the oil industry. Maybe today we should all find one way to either use less electricity in the long run, or how to put pressure on manufacturers not to use all that plastic non-recyclable stuff in packaging where it is really not adding any real value to anyone except the plastic manufacturers. Maybe start buying bamboo fabric instead of synthetics?

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