Woe is me, optimism has struck!

No not to me, to various people on my big project. They think that even if they don’t put in the hours of work, things will still happen.

We humans are so odd that way. Watch a weaver bird making a nest. They don’t stop because the first one was a success, they get started on the next, each as perfect as the previous one, either for his current mate, or for a prospective new one.

Oh no. I have caught that dreaded lurgy of the South African Motivational Speaker; comparing people to animals.

Next thing I’ll be telling the team to work like earthworms, consuming all the rubbish and leaving healthy compost and worm-poop.

I think I may be needing a holiday.

20 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. I always find being possitive is excellent. For example, I’m possitive that, if I drop enough hints or feign ignorance, or injury, the chores will get done.

  2. LOL!!!

    Loved this! It so captured emotions I too feel! Minus the motivational speaker 😛

    You know, living in South Africa should almost be a Holiday in itself! It is Gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, I suspect they are common for many of us.

      There was an amazing trend among the pseudo consultant/ motivational speakers a few years ago to compare everything to some aspect of wild animal life.

  3. LOL!! Now is it owed to how much natural beauty and wildlife surrounds you?

    Or perhaps it delves deeper and they are trying to appeal to our Base Instincts?? Something that we all have and cannot deny 😉

    Hmmmm??? Perhaps they are on to something!

    I constantly hear the Insult, “You behave like an animal!”
    But my Mami always told us that if you actually look at animals, many times, they are much more humane than a Human will ever be 😉

    So again, they may be on to something 🙂

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