Autumn musings

Sometimes I seem to drive along blind to the world about me except for an awareness of dangers, other vehicles, people, bikes, dogs, potholes in the roads. Yesterday was one of those other days, where every few minutes something beautiful showed itself.

I am lucky at present, because my route to the main office where I work can be via various suburban roads, avoiding the heavier traffic on the main roads, and affording me the views of gardens and street trees. Autumn is in full swing, and the wonders of golden trees against a backdrop of those still fully green has me enthralled. The russet of others, seemingly to have a million shades all together is enchanting. 

When I reached the office we had a chat about it. The others said they didn’t like full winter, but there is a beauty about the stark branches, showing the tree without its clothes. I especially love one road in winter at sunset. It runs downhill going west. The beautiful Johannesburg sunset seen with the bare trees as black outlines against that pinky, bluesy, goldy background is simply stunning. Every winter I try to catch the place and time on an evening with a really good sunset.

It’s times like that when I really appreciate having my sight.


16 thoughts on “Autumn musings

  1. You’re so right about the preciousness of our ability to see the beauty around us, sidey. Each season has it’s charm. I do miss the lovely autumn colours around Johannesburg.

  2. Your seasons are diagonally opposite ours! While you watch the change to Autumn and Winter, I am enjoying the development of Spring. Amalanchier, and flowering cherry are fully out, with the apple blossom waiting in my garden, while in the hedgerows blackthorn with its white blossom dominates.

  3. We have had our winter skeletons here, and our little Rowan trees are pushing out green shoots. We are lucky living in seasonal climates, Sidey.

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