Friday 13th

Friday 13th. Ever since I was a child I have dreaded the day. My grandmother died on Friday 13th.  My first crush on a boy was spread about the school by Maggie Daines and everyone (including the boy) spent the day laughing at me.

Friday 13th, the day to break it off with Delia. This has gone on for too long now and her mother is beginning to make suggestions that even a deaf and blind man couldn’t miss. Thank goodness she is on the pill so at least there isn’t that sort of risk. A pregnancy by Delia would ruin my plans for Mary-Leigh.

It’s my unlucky day, how on earth can I take the test today? But then Trevor pooh-poohs my superstitions. He says I should tackle my fears head on. Well I did that and lost my virginity to him, and now I’m hoping a baby would hasten his proposal.

Dinner, a good restaurant to use to break it off, she is too well raised to make a big fuss, so I’ll be able to get out of this easily, and as it is only two blocks from their house the ride home to drop her off will be quick.

Trevor I have the best news ever. You will be so proud when I tell you. You were so right about Friday 13th, it’s now my favourite day of the year.


18 thoughts on “Friday 13th

  1. In the world of the reporter detail is death and the 100 word story is king. I’ve been trying to persuade myself to cut my posts from 800 – 500 words to make them more accessible…

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