Pinkys Friday Quiz

Some Fridays my friend Pink Polka Dot posts a food related quiz. All I know about food would fit into a very smal teaspoon, but I always have a go.

1. Where is the dish Vindaye a traditional dish? Sounds Eastern to me.

2. What are the main ingredients of a classic French Sabayon? Egg and sugar

3. What is Ochazuke and from which country? It is Japanese, but my memory doesn’t go into details

4. What type of dish is Pasha and when is it normally eaten? A Pasha is a person with a pretty high rank, so it is something especially for them, or made from them?

5. What is a “silk squash” better known as? A soft squash?

6. What is Crostatas? Annoyed potatoes?

7. What is Sunflower greens? Yellow greens?

8. What differentiates a “Pot pie” from another pie? It only has crust on the top

9. What are the main ingredients of the spice “bzar” (or bezar)? I thought that term related to jewels, so now I’m lost

10. What plant does tapioca come from?  Cassava

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