Simplicity and Complexity

I’m battling at present to cope with people who, rather like spoiled children, believe the world is or can be made to be as they want.

The problem is we have limited time, and to get them thinking and talking sensibly over and over until all options and their pros and cons have been discussed. Like scavengers we should be turning over all stones in the way, to see what lurks beneath. They want to simply stand on any that stick out, and blame others for what may or may not go wrong based on their decisions.

It’s a large arena to cover and it is complex. However I’m being pushed into trying to make changes over and over to how we are planning for people to work. I’m so tired of the chopping and changing, and every now and then discovering decisions have been made before I was asked back in, and those decisions are regarded as cast in concrete, even when they are blocking the way, hence the going back and forward to try to make progress.


14 thoughts on “Simplicity and Complexity

  1. If I may, I tend to agree… I believe that all those dominant decision making, believing that by making them would change the world, is only result as subject to insecurity. We cannot change the world, but we can change our opinion as how we see the world…

    1. its a restricted piece of the world, but until you understand all the particioants and what they are doing / need to do you can’t make final decisions

  2. Sidey, I have been there before. It is a vexing experience.
    When we belong to a small community like a work office, there are very mixed opinions, and sometimes it is necessary to go with the flow,
    until the next reason to change direction comes around.
    I do hope things will even out for you.

    1. it making sure the outcomes from the new software will meet the needs all round, that work can flow from one to the other, and tracking is possible all the way along

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