Tellurian:    Pertaining to or of the Earth. Earth inhabitants.

I’m definitely one of those. I love my planet, the good and the scary parts. I believe it’s the most beautiful one around. I don’t think I’m biased about that.

I have seen quite a bit of it from the air, and love the specialness of many of those views. I would so love to go into space just to look at home from where I can see the whole thing (or at least the half in view at that time).

Some years ago I helped install Geographical Information systems, we provided the main processing power and the specialised stuff from another organisation. It was always fun for me – like making myself airsick ‘flying’ over the San Francisco bay area while seated at the console.

One special thing I received after going back to do a check-up on the whole installation and ensure they could start, stop, backup etc. the whole system, I was given a “full frontal” picture of Africa as taken from space.

I had it on my wall at home for years, whenever I felt my problems were overwhelming, or got in a tizz over something I’d go look at it and ask myself if it was bigger than that. It always worked.

I really do like the pictures of Earth taken from space. There was one I really coveted. It was on the wall at the satellite tracking station at Hartebeeshoek, the South African site that is our link in the world-wide satellite tracking and other space-related activities network. (Another place I went to commission a computer). The photo is of a piece of coastline of a desert. The Namib desert of Africa. The picture shows the rolling sand-dune structures, and with a dry river bed dividing it into north and south. One sid4e of the river the structures are quite small and tight and the other side they are further apart. When I asked about it, none of that is obvious on the ground, the variations are so huge you can’t notice them when you are down here; you have to be way up high to see it.


17 thoughts on “Tellurian

  1. I need one of those reminders of how puny my own problems are…
    I remember the first pictures I saw of Earth from space – how that lifted us for a time out of our petty self-absorption…

  2. Oh Sidey, well done on your profession.
    I was a hardware man when computers came to the fore, but there were many software folk there.
    Nice take on Tellurian.


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