Let them eat cake

“Let them eat cake” a phrase attributed to Marie Antoinette when told the locals were revolting because they had no bread. It is told as indicative of the callousness with which the royalty of the period viewed “lesser mortals”. True? Who knows? However it is indicative of the mind-set of most people. We tend to […]

Weekend Theme

Friday came and went with no inspiration at all for me.  A difficult week of sadness, and early starts. Today this phrase came to mind, so its the weekend theme “Let them eat cake”

Wednesday and my rambling thoughts

Some random thoughts about life. Yesterday I felt as though I’d been hit by an emotional sledgehammer. Within the space of half an hour, during a working session I was told 2 pieces of bad news. A colleague who has had malaria experienced very serious side effects of the treatment and had to have her […]


This weekend’s descriptions of YUPPIES and DINKYS made me remember the era. Young professionals, making the kind of money that their parents had usually only been able to dream of. Living a life of designer labels, working hard, playing hard, being seen in the right places, having the right place to live, Finding the ‘right’ […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday, I’m running late and I haven’t posted the weekend theme. So panic was about to set in, until I remembered ‘word of the day’. Today’s word is yuppify. So I think the theme should be YUPPIE


Being tagged! I usually avoid these things, but as each tagger has to set new questions, it does not become stale and boring Of course, being tagged does not mean that you can go off on your merry way, and do whatever you want. Although I think we all would like to at most times. […]

Power up

I have been again looking at cables for power and wondering just how I ended up with so many devices needing access to electricity now and then, to charge an internal battery, and just how to cope with the space and power outlets required. There are devices that require their own transformers and those that […]